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Why choose us?

Thirty(30) years of experience in the South Florida Market with an approval list with more than 150 diffrent lenders. Because we will treat you like you are our only client. Let us exceed your expectations with our high attention to details and professionalism..


Fred Schlang Appraisal offers responsive, reliable service and expedited turnaround to clients who are looking for:

  • Any one looking to sell their home
  • Anyone looking to buy a new home
  • Appraisals for a Divorce or an Estate
  • Real estate appraisals related to litigation

Unlike other appraisal companies who work with independent contractors of questionable experience, every Fred Schlang Appraisal is performed by one of our trained and certified appraisers, all of whom have an in-depth knowledge about their respective coverage areas.

It doesn’t stop there. With our customers’ ultimate satisfaction in mind, we also perform a quality-control check on all appraisals before delivery to ensure that they are accurate and meet our professional standards.



All appraisals are performed by a dedicated, full-time staff of licensed and certified appraisers, working within a proven, professional system to ensure that every appraisal is accurate and unbiased.

Because residential appraisals involve numerous variables, Fred Schlang Appraisal assigns staff appraisers who have specific experience with the type of property to be appraised and the county where it is located.

Our expertise includes both interior and exterior appraisals for final valuation or to recertify the values of:

  • Single family homes
  • Multi-family homes
  • High-end (multi-million dollar) homes
  • Waterfront properties
  • View properties
  • Condos
  • Proposed construction
  • Relocations
  • Foreclosures
  • Vacant land valuations
  • Rental surveys



With the rising number of court cases involving real estate valuations, Fred Schlang Appraisal offers vital support through quick-turnaround appraisals. Fred Schlang, SRA is qualified as an expert witness in County State and Federal Court

Fred Schlang Appraisal also reviews and assesses the validity of appraisals performed by opposing parties. We perform legal valuations for the following types of cases:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Partnership litigation
  • Retrospective valuation
  • Estate settlement

When you need a polished professional for fast, accurate real estate valuations, contact Fred Schlang Appraisal today.